Can you believe it is almost spring? Time flew by so quickly since my previous post in September of last year … before I knew it, six months have gone … poof!

A number of exciting things took place in the musical sphere of my life meanwhile, with several lovely shows at different venues. At one of them, I was supposed to perform with my good friend, Bobby Pennock, but he was ill at the time so I had to manage it on my own. Very good turnout, and a joyous evening nevertheless! Next time Bobby and I booked to perform together will be in November, so I hope he’ll be healthy then, and so will you, so you can attend.

The January house concert at the Inner Ring series at the Everett Willbert home in Ferndale was a lovely experience with the house packed with the attentive audience listening to my musical stories from the former Yugoslavia. And, Michelle’s Sweet Potato, Shiitake & Lentil Stew was to die for!

Another piece of great news – Eastward Bound is back on the stage, this time as a power guitar duo: John Finan and I performed at Crazy Wisdom, for a full room, in early February. Wow! In addition to the songs with Balkan and Middle Eastern flavors, John and I also harmonized our vocals and guitars on a number of our original songs, some for the first time, which made us (and, I think the audience, too) very happy!

Next Saturday, I will perform at the Songwriters Anonymous showcase, with a smaller version of the Whistleblowers band accompanying me, including Dan Hazlett (electric guitar), Bobby Pennock (12-string guitar), John Finan (bass) and Sharon Tse (percussion). Sharon, John and Bobby will also be singing harmonies. We shall do only two songs, like all other featured performers, and I’ve chosen two from the Whistleblower album. I can’t wait for you to hear them in the new version, slightly different from those on the CD. Let me just say I’ve had goosebumps during the rehearsal!

The showcase will feature nine other performers of various genres and styles with their own accompanying bands, so I hope you will come to the show. (See the poster below for the lineup.) All the proceeds are going to the Trinity House Theatre!