Partly Brothers are:

Luti Erbežnik: vocals (lead vocals on tracks 1, 5, 6, 8, 9 & 11), acoustic guitars, electric guitar, percussion
Brian R. Wood: vocals (lead vocals on tracks 2, 3, 4, 7 & 12), acoustic guitar

“Darling, you’ll need to leave for America; you’ll never be truly happy in this place.” Clairvoyant or not, my mom’s words to her only child, then a teenager, ring true often as I reminisce about my life in Yugoslavia and my new life “in the land across the ocean.” While my former compatriots waged a war amongst themselves, I’ve settled here, and rediscovered beauty in teaching and music. And how lucky to meet Brian Wood! I am happy to share our songs, all carrying true stories, with you … language and cultural differences cannot be a barrier for kindred spirits. Music unites us, now and always.

Many thanks to Alex M. and Chuck S. for technical assistance and the OCC family for providing a nurturing work environment. A special thanks to my wife Leslie, for her support and helpful critical suggestions. And a big thanks to my mom for giving wings to her well-rooted son!

Luti E.

Being from Michigan, I am accustomed to changes we experience: the birth of spring, the youth of summertime, on into the maturity of autumn, and then finally the memories that winter brings. It has been these changes that influence the nature of my songs.

On the song Our Love Will Grow, the piano was recorded in the early eighties. This piece was played by Richard Slotnick, a great friend now gone. To have Luti sing with this track is deeply touching. Something old becomes new again.

I would like to thank you, the listener, for purchasing our CD. We hope our music will give you solace, beauty and joy, wherever you may be.

Brian R.W.

Also appearing:

Jasen Erbežnik ― piano on tracks 5 & 8
Richard Slotnick ― piano on tracks 11

Art design: Partly Brothers
Photography: Luti Erbežnik, Leslie Cavell, Paul Lantz, Gary Cornelier, Lifetouch
Recording & mixing: Brian Wood, at Woodwork Studios, Highland, Michigan
Mastering: John Dobat at Big Hand Studios

Copyright 2008 Jamus Music, Inc.

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Across the Ocean

(Luti Erbežnik)

Our mother-tongues were not that different
From a single tribe most of us descended
We were taught to guard our brotherhood and unity
Visit a stranger’s home and you were befriended

Rivers and mountaintops, seaside, lakes and valleys,
This land between two worlds seemed like a heaven to me
But when the ethnic pride grew stronger than togetherness
Harmony began to fade and soon it was crumbling

Fear led to anger, and anger led to violence
Distinctions were dug out and coated with weapons and rage
The ignorant obeyed their leaders and went against their neighbor
Once again human folly took over the stage

And my life
In the land across the ocean
Flows with new freedom
Like a river of emotions

Home away from home
In the land across the ocean
Immersed in the melting pot
Finding true devotion

And when I think about my friends from the place I left
Sometimes I wonder where is it that I truly belong
Do they teach their children that you can’t be happy when you hate
Do they smile like in my dreams? Are they still as strong?

And my life…

Best From Me

(Brian R. Wood)

Ever winding, almost finding
The life that I lead
Is never close to what I want it to be
Worn out shoes and union dues
Have taken the best from me
And I find I’m on my way again

I’ve wandered far and studied hard
To learn all
But I only know half as much as I’d like to know
A twice-read book and a sad guitar
Have taken the best from me
And I find I’m on my way again

Home is just a memory
I don’t know how long it’s been
Now my days are never free
All I need is to be home again
To be home again

Although the simple things may seem hard at first
You’ve got to keep on trying
Or go from bad to worse
A lonesome tune and a simple song
Have taken the best from me
And I find I’m on my way again

From the Start

(Brian R. Wood)

Everything I say is true
Then why can’t I make you see
That every thought I hold for you
I also hold for me

I ran myself ragged just to find you
Tore my heart jagged on the things you do
And if I was as sharp as the pieces of my heart
I’d never have loved you from the start

I held you for a little while
Just long enough to know how it feels
I felt as if I was on trial
If I lose I want to appeal

I ran myself ragged just to find you…

I hope I can make up the time I’ve lost later on
But what’s the use to carry on so long
I hope I can make it if tomorrow you are gone
But without you I can’t be too strong

You brought my time to a halt
And patiently I wait
Wait to hear a word from you
Eagerly anticipate

I ran myself ragged just to find you…

Life of Innocence

(Luti Erbežnik)

After all I’m coming back
To this ominous town.
Everything seems here cold now,
No birds are singing.

Yet in the midst of desolation
I am filled with wonder,
On the edge of reality
Standing in the twilight.

Searching for my youth
Woven by fancy,
Walking all alone
Shrouded by the moon haze.

A long time ago
I used to dream here.
An innocent child….

Nighttime! (Nighttime!)
My past returns to me.
Surrounded by naked branches
Somebody is watching me.

And I wonder why
There’s no laughter here.
Shall I truly fall asleep
Covered by the grass?

I used to live a life of innocence.
I used to believe my own eyes.
Sometimes I’d leap and fly high.
On the edge of reality –
Escaping into twilight!

The Lonely Are Only Alone

(Brian R. Wood)

Morning found me
Looking over the water outside
I’m smiling but inside I wanna cry

Nighttime told me
You’d still be gone when the sunlight
Hit me and woke me from my sleep

I only hope and pray
That you’ll have second thoughts
You’ll turn around
And you’ll come home to me again
I’m ready to forgive, ready to forget
If you can do the same

Noontime brought me
No reassurance and I’m not hungry
And the lonely are only alone

I only hope and pray…

Love is a Miracle

(Luti Erbežnik)

When I met you for the first time
In your eyes I saw a hint of mystery
Then your bright smile made me shine
All my worries were history

Dark long hair and a thin white dress
Your graceful bare feet walking softly in the sand
All I wanted was your caress
And to gently hold your hands

I still recall the day our love was born
A miracle surrounded by rosehips
So many times it carried us through storms
And now, the lovers’ love is still between our lips

You once loved listening to bedtime stories
Games with kids and Sunday meals
With grandma’s special apple pie
But this is something very different
A power that invigorates,
A force that helps you reach the sky
June rainbow? Or wings of dove?
You know … that’s a miracle of love!

As we join inside a temple dome
Where candle flames are lit and fragrance fills the air
From the high vaults angels roam
Honoring the passionate joy we share
Lovers’ love breaks down ocean waves
It fears no wolves, it has no shame, it’s all around
Once you find it you will feel as brave
You will revel its silent sounds

I still recall the day our love was born…

I know that love is miracle
(Between our lips)
Remember, love is a miracle
(Sing me a love song)
We know that love is a miracle
(Whisper the love words)
Love is a, love is a miracle
Nurture it every day!

Love on the Internet

(Luti Erbežnik)

I’ve got a new hobby with a high-speed connection is my favorite place to be
My old time friends don’t get to see me as much as usual
‘Cause I can’t wait to open up my email and check what is in

My password lets me into a scheme
Where many find their perfect mates
Now I can live my romantic dreams
Finally, my life has a meaning: Looking for
Love on the Internet

I met her in the chat room and I was suddenly smitten
She was eloquent and coy, her sentences so fun I had to respond
She woke up my feelings, a call for action, like never before
Utterly exciting, my virtual lover to whom I belong

My desktop has her beautiful picture
I never leave home without my cell phone
I wanna make sure that I can always reach her
Finally, my life has a meaning: I’m in
Love on the Internet

I’m in bliss today – I got a text message
She sent it this morning, asking me to come and visit her soon
I’ve made up my mind, I’m rough’n’ready, three weeks was more than enough
I’m leaving Friday and I will propose a wild honeymoon

My online darling is totally great
How can she possibly know me so well?
Genuine passion never comes too late
Finally, my life has a meaning: I’ve found
Love on the Internet

My Cats

(Luti Erbežnik)

My cats…one wakes me up when he needs to eat
The other burrows under bed sheets
You’ll often hear one snoring
My life is never boring

My cats… one tries to steal his partner’s food
Then I tell him not to be rude
Now each one has a separate chow
Oh you should hear them meow

Their purr makes you calm
And their eyes are so bright
They bring you comfort and delight
Their colorful fur is so downy and warm
With cats your life is transformed

My cats…one always sits on my open book
As if to take a closer look
My workspace is shrinking
I wonder what she’s thinking

My cats…one paws the door and loudly cries
“I beg you, let me go outside
I won’t be long, just a little stroll
Perhaps I’ll find that squeaky mole”

Their purr makes you calm …

My cats…one leaps up high and runs to fetch
The other savors a nice long stretch
Neither has mercy for the toy mouse
They seem to own us and our house

Their purr makes you calm …

Night Time Falls

(music by Luti Erbežnik; lyrics by Brian R. Wood)

We are partly brothers
In a world of song and dance
Seeking peace, finding only sorrow
I know that we could find it
If given half a chance
But not until today falls in tomorrow

Night time comes and goes away
Night time falls into day

We have seen the sunshine
Climbing up the wall
Telling all, it’s time for us to play
Don’t look back behind you
If you hear somebody call
It’s just the devil, wants his dues today

Night time comes…

There’s a golden stairway
Rising through the clouds
Waiting there for all who believe
And when your time is calling
To leave all else behind
Keep in mind those of us who grieve

Night time comes…

Our Love Will Grow

(Brian R. Wood)

Just like a small seed planted in the ground
Will one day a flower be
Just like a small pine standing in the woods
A towering tree
And so it is our love, our love will grow

Just like a cold stream
Running down the mountainside
To the rivers below
Just like the air stream moves along the clouds
And trade winds blow
So it is our love, our love will flow

I could never leave you of my own free will
I’ll love you till the end of time
That’s a vow I’ve made and I’ll always hold
I’ll be there to hold you
When you’re feeling cold

Just as the fruit gathers on the vine
Of those who truly believe
Just as the stars appear in the sky
As daytime takes its leave
And so it is our love, our love will grow

I could never leave you of my own free will…

Sweet Love

(Brian R. Wood)

There were times when I had thought that I would never love again
Sweet love, sweet love
It was just like in a movie when I saw you with a friend
Sweet love, sweet love

I thought I heard the thunder, or maybe it’s just my heart
I cannot help but wonder, how do you fall in love again
When you don’t know where to start

I was listening to the music that was on my radio
Sweet song, sweet song
And it took me to a time when I had never felt so low
Oh, oh, sad song

Well I’ve come out from under, the gray clouds that followed me home
I cannot help but wonder, I’ve searched through every song
And long forgotten poem

If you hear me and you think that I’m the one you’re looking for
Sweet love, sweet love
You can call me on the phone or leave a note upon my door
Sweet love, sweet love

Well I’ve come out from under, the gray clouds that followed me home
I cannot help but wonder, I’ve searched through every song
And long forgotten poem

There were times when I had thought that I would never love again
Sweet love, sweet love,
Sweet love, sweet love,
Oooh, oooh, sweet love

When Time Takes You Away

(Brian R. Wood)

It’s a long road that I’ve traveled and I feel a little weary
I admit I’ve never seen a sky that looked so dreary
On this cold afternoon I feel a chill down in my bones
It seems I’ve reached a point
Where the days I’ve left behind me
Outnumber those ahead and it only reminds me
How little time we have we can truly call our own

My memory still serves me and I often remember
I feel like a fire that’s down to its ambers
And I feel a rush of warmth rising within my soul
I think of my folks and all that they’ve done
And the number of times that they bailed out their son
When I was all alone, living on losers row

So don’t look now ‘cause time is slipping away
Don’t you hesitate another day
Open your heart and hear what I have to say
Tell the ones you love, you love them so
Hold them now and never, ever let go
And there’ll be no regrets when time takes you away

As I grow older and the changes surround me
The life that I see no longer astounds me
The way it did when I looked through younger eyes
After all is said and all is forgiven
We must remember that life is for living
Not only for those who finally realize

So don’t look now ‘cause time is slipping away