What People Are Saying about “Whistleblower”

“Rod [Capps] and I have had the pleasure of getting to know the music and songs of Luti Erbeznik lately both as players on his new recording “Whistleblower” and as part of the band for his upcoming CD release concert (taking place at Trinity House Theatre this Friday, Jan 13th!) The whole process has reminded me how really great songs and music can penetrate your heart more deeply with every listen. Initially, when learning someone’s music we tend to focus on our parts but eventually you pull back and see the whole forest of magnificence. A deft touch with social justice themes, he’s a writer of love songs to humanity. Luti is one of the most sensitive (not touchy self-pity sensitive, but thoughtful and contemplative sensitive) people I know. He can go from a soft tender folk style to a seriously rockin’ anthem – but always with a groove! The band he’s put together includes Dan Hazlett (who also recorded his album), Tracy Kash, Bobby Pennock, John Finan, Sharon Tse, Scott Williams, Rod Capps, all tremendous musicians who truly care about these songs and giving them their best. If you want to be moved both literally (to the beat) and emotionally (to the words) for an evening of songs that need to be heard by a much wider audience, especially now, I highly recommend this show. “

Annie Capps, Award Winning Singer/Songwriter

“Beautiful guitar tones… I especially like the song you wrote for your son. The use of flute and trumpet are fun and the middle Eastern European melodies enhance the messages you share in your songs. Your music speaks with an authentic passion about matters of justice, love, disappointment, hope, and grace, through thoughtful lyrics and interesting melodies. Your songs bring light to our current darkness.” 

Jan Krist, Award Winning Singer/Songwriter

“Very tasty record; song forms always seem to have a “Luti” twist, which is very refreshing! Solid production and percussion… Love the acoustic guitar playing! The instrumental was so cool. After the last song was over, I had to listen to the entire CD two more times as it’s such a beautiful album!” 

Billy Brandt, Award Winning Singer/Songwriter/Musician

“Luti’s musical sensibilities are stunning and never cease to delight.” 

Robin Monteroso, Singer/Songwriter

“I find your Whistleblower CD very moving.  I love the story telling and the richness of the melodies and instrumental accompaniment. “ 

Susan Golon, Director of Milford Village Fine Arts Association

“Why do we love good singer songwriters? Because they transport us in specific and deliberate ways through both a solid story enveloped in seductive music as well as a strong sense of the grounded and the mystical. In Luti, I find the intelligent songs of a Bruce Cockburn, the melodic lyricism of a Don Henley or the Youngbloods, the sweetness of a Kenny Rankin with the rich and mellifluous voice of Nick Drake, Jim Croce or a young Cat Stevens. These are some of the influences that make Luti’s music and lyrics feel familiar to me in that old soul way – yet distinctly attractive in that same old soul way.

The musicianship on Whistleblower is excellent. The world of Luti’s music benefits greatly from the rhythms of Eastern Europe that legitimately infuse certain songs. In this recording, dedicated to all those who suffered injustice at the hands of the privileged, one’s mind and heart cannot help but open wide to receive the important messages Luti conveys about the world we live in as he speaks from his heart.

If I made changes that could last
Guns would shine in museums as relics from the past
And every child could go to school
No girl would sell herself to feed her family at home
From Come With Me

…How many years will it take you
To see you and I are the same?
How many dreams will be broken
Before all your demons are tamed?
From How Many Years

But while he takes up certain human rights causes past and present, Luti also expresses tenderness in touching, hope-filled songs of love which make this recording all the more real and humanly dimensional. In Love is a Miracle our minds are transported by the depth and breadth of the single line: “And now the lovers’ love is still between our lips”. These sorts of creative lyrics crafted out of raw truths are particularly haunting.

Thank you, Luti, for doing what is right with your music. The world we all live in needs more whistleblowers, and more good music. “

Ariane Lydon, Singer/Songwriter

What People Are Saying about “Half a Century Later”

“Luti’s debut solo CD, “Half a Century Later” is a magic carpet ride of melodies and instrumentation flavored by the romance and rhythms of Eastern Europe. At times serene and sensual, featuring traditional Macedonian folk songs (Jovano, Jovanke), this recording is also fiercely driving (Be The Proud).  Luti’s smooth, liquid, tenor voice carries throughout. His songs encompass themes from his wartime experiences in the Balkans to that of being a husband and father.  Wonderful, unexpected rhythmic devices drive Luti’s recording, giving this work a distinctly oriental flair.  Utilizing a wide array of instrumentation performed by talented players such as (insert names here), “Half A Century Later” is an artfully crafted journey across a lifetime of experiences that have only just begun.”

Maggie Ferguson, Live from the Livingroom 

“I have heard this and I can tell you it is GREAT! Luti has taken his music and refined it till it purrs. Jovano!”  

Tom Saunders, A3radio 

“Eastern European meets Middle Eastern folk” Now this my friends… is Brilliant. Sojourn to Serenity….” 

Michelle Jalaba, A Fan

“I just heard your music […] and I am happily impressed with it all: your voice, your playing, arrangements and recording!  Your voice has a very lovely softness, much like a favorite warm blanket that one can always rest in.  Perhaps that is why it is a little bit reminiscent of Nick Drake’s.  My favorites are “Jovano, Jovanke”, “King of the Skies” and “Lullaby for a Hummingbird.”  I love the Yugoslav rhythms that you weave into your music – they set your music and voice very much apart from what I usually hear but they do so in a very natural and unassuming way.” 

Ariane Lydon, Singer/Songwriter 

“Your CD – a lovely holiday tribute with a message ‘Peace on earth, good will to men’  –  is your own personalized, artistic expression of the values that have guided your life, the truth about how the world should be (no wars) and the admirable qualities you possess about family, love, respect, and forgiveness. The music is incredibly beautiful, and sophisticated. My favorite (#2 – 2:54 – 3:15) ‘ Place Called Home’ Your voice and music together are simply divine! It’s music with a purpose when you feel like you’ve been spiritually cleansed every time you hear it (sanctuary for my soul). Thank you so much for sharing your music, your seemingly endless talent, and for giving me a special occasion to always look forward to. Extraordinary job with so much meaning – no man should ever ‘walk alone in the sunrise’.”

Kerry Neal, A Fan

What People Are Saying about “From the Start”

“Upbeat and sophisticated”Wendy Willinghanz, Director of Huron Valley Council for the Arts

“There’s nothing incomplete about the music of the Partly Brothers.  The duo combines the soulful songwriting of Brian Wood and Luti Erbeznik with sparkling acoustic guitar work.  Brian Wood’s songs are as warm and comforting as a favorite sweater yet speak directly to the heart in a voice that has fully weathered many storms.  Add to this the original and yet familiar blend of their two voices and the sweet acoustic stylings of Brian and Luti’s guitar work and you have a truly heartfelt musical experience.  The only thing better than hearing a Partly Brothers recording is seeing them in person.”

Dan Hazlett, Singer/Songwriter/Producer


“Rich and hypnotic”Maggie Ferguson, Live from the Livingroom

“Remember when, as a child, you weren’t feeling well and stayed home from school to rest?  You didn’t feel like eating, didn’t want to build a tent using a sheet, the couch, and the rocking chair.  You didn’t even have the energy to read a favorite story.  It seemed as if nothing could make you feel better.  Well, this cd is the warm kiss of comfort placed softly in the very center of your forehead by your mom, right after she’s settled you in on the couch, plumped your pillows, fetched your sock monkey, and turned on Gilligan’s Island (after making sure the empty ice cream pail was within reach!).  From the Start is rich with soothingly exquisite guitar and piano music, heartfelt lyrics we can all relate to, very beautiful melodies that you’ll wish you had written, and two of the warmest, most comforting voices that will, if you let them, rock you gently like a lullaby.  But the best thing about it?  You don’t even have to be sick to enjoy it!“

Linda Maki-Griffiths, Songwriter/Author